Small Business Idea: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

As we know the generation is becoming more fitness and beauty conscious. Due to this most of us is taking Juice on the daily basis. All of the age groups whether kids, adults or old age peoples, all of them are drinking juice to keep them fit and active.

In keeping all these things in mind, we believe a fruit juice business is very good business with very small investment in today’s period of time.

Moreover, there are very little or you can also say there is almost no chances of loss is in this business and you can start earning from day 1 as well.

When people fall ill, visit Gym, doing YOGA or morning walk or even to look beautiful, they want to fulfill the need of Vitamin in their bodies and to keep themselves energetic, in the view of this they all consume JUICE, yes that is the truth.

That is the reason the demand for Juice never decreases, you also might have seen in your locality that these shops have highest number of customers during evening and morning time or you can say these shops are most crowded during these times.

So, let us check out what we need to open this small business in your town.

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What are the necessaries to open a Fruit Juice shop?

• The most important and basic things you need to open a Fruit juice shop is Mixer, Grinder, Pillar, Cutter, Glasses, Refrigerator, Counter and you can get these thing for very decent amount and you can also purchase some used items for this as well.

• Now you got the machinery and you need the raw material which is fruits and vegetable. You can easily get these things in whole at your area’s SABJI MANDI easily.

• And the best part is that you do no need any paperwork or license for this business until you want to make it big and want to open this business is a large scale or want  to make it a Brand.

Some Important tips regarding to the marketing of this Juice shop business.

• One thing you always have to keep in mind before opening a juice shop and that is the location. Always keep in mind that you have to set up your juice shop or shop in the hospital, main Market. Where there is more people movement, then you have to set up your juice shop.

• You have to try and give two or three methods of juice service to the people in your shop. Such as mango, pomegranate, seasonal and banana.

• This is a very important point. You have to keep the fruits in your shop looking at the weather. That is, you have to keep carrot juice, beet juice, banana juice etc. in your shop in winter time. In summer, you have to serve sugarcane juice, seasonal, mango, kinnu juice to the people.

• You have to make your shop or yours very beautiful. Also, arrangements have to be made for people to sit. Because it is often seen that the shop in which people get more facilities, people always go to that shop.

• You always have to take care of cleanliness, build trust with the customer. Never do wrong things. Just like you never have to add water to the juice nor add any color. You can use milk or ice.

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