Interesting facts about India’s Richest man: Mukesh Ambani

There is something about India’s most common man, Mukesh Ambani, which you probably do not know.

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, who is the Chairman, Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and its largest share holder.

Do you know, Mukesh Ambani was born in a LOWER MIDDLE CLASS FAMILY. His mother’s name is Kokilaben and father’s name is Dhirubhai Ambani. And he was not a born rich.

As a child, He lived in a modest BEDROOM house in Mumbai with his parents and siblings.

He loved to play hockey during school days.

Mukesh Ambani, Anand Jain, Adi Godrej and Anand Mahindra all studied together in the same school, and they are also very good friends of Mukesh Ambani.

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At the age of 18, he was included by his father in the company’s BOARD MEMBER.

He considers himself a weak PUBLIC SPEAKER.

He left his MBA studies in half at STANDFORD UNIVERSITY in 1980, because his father Dhirubhai Ambani needed help in putting one of his POLYSTER MANUFACTURING PLANT.

He laid the foundation of the world’s largest OIL REFINERY in Jamnagar, Gujarat on 14 July 19.

In 2005, 3 years after his father’s death, RELIANCE was split between Mukesh Ambani and his younger brother Anil Ambani.

In 2006, Mukesh Ambani started a SUPER MARKET CHAIN ??in the name of a RELIANCE FRESH. Today he has more than 400 STORE all over India.

He loves the white colored shirt and tie with it, and the dark colored trouser pehena.

He is very fond of BRANDED cars, and he also has a huge COLLECTION of cars. But his most favorite car is MAYBACH.

Many of us do not know that he also has a COLLECTION of PRIVATE JET and airplanes, he recently gifted him an airplane on the 56th birthday of his wife.

He has one of the most costly  houses in the world, named ANTILIA, a 24-storey house in SOUTH MUMBAI, which is worth around Rs. 4000 crores.

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