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I am getting a lot of question about how to make money from QUORA?


 It’s a lame question, what is QUORA? But if you are reading this article. It is obvious that you know what QUORA is. But for those who don’t know what QUORA is.

Let me explain you people what is QUORA?

It is an online platform where you can ask questions about anything or everything. If someone know about that topic you will get an answer. And same apply on you also. You can also answer a question if you know the answer. And so on. While signing up in the QUORA. You will be asked what is your favorite topics or on which topics you want to get questions or want to ask questions. There are many categories like ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION, TRAVEL, and TECHNOLOGY and so on.

The website QUORA was started back in the year 2009. Currently it is the topmost site in the got Alexa ranking of 81 which is very good for a website. Some reports says that QUORA got 10 million traffic in two to three days. Goggle also rank QUORA answers on its search result.

So you can see QUORA is a very big platform. Many website or bloggers use QUORA to generate Traffic on their websites. QUORA is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Recently QUORA surpassed Yahoo answer on term of traffic and authenticity, people are Using QUORA more than Yahoo answers. 

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How to make money from QUORA?

Earlier QUORA didn’t pay any one for writing any answers or putting any questions.

Now from the past few years QUORA has started a QUORA PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM.


Now, what is this?

This program started by QUORA is quite interesting. It is revenue share program, the same program through which WEBPAGES pay their writers. Some of you might remember this type of programs were very famous 5-10years back. But in 2011 huge portion of these type of program were closed, mainly due to Google’s Panda update.  Since then these kind of website mainly rely on page view monetization , ads, banner or etc. .

Now it is very interesting for me that QUORA has decided to start this kind of business model back in 2018. QUORA is full of mediocre questions and tons of answer for these questions. Means there are lot of public exposer in QUORA.

How to make money from QUORA?| How much money? From QUORA |thefactology

How to register for QUORA partnership Program?

As of now, the QUORA PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM is invite only. You can not apply to join it. Like one can apply for GOOGLE AD-SENSE. No you can’t do that thing here. So, you have to use the QUORA and get invited. And people who are invited can’t invite any other fellow writers. I think they will add referrals in future. If all goes well.  Now ,

Who get invitation?

What odd is that, sometimes I didn’t understand how they invite writers to join the QUORA PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. It seems they don’t have certain standards for invitations.

I suppose this might be a two-fold push for QUORA. they may be pushing to induce a lot of content by incentivizing it, whereas additionally pushing to induce a lot of active users identical method. If they will hook those that haven’t used the location by paying them a couple of dollars, it’d be worthwhile for his or her bottom line. At the terribly least, it might build them look higher for investors.


Now let us discuss ,


There is no limit to the money you’ll make from the QUORA partner program. That’s the primary question in their FAQ, and it’s plainly expressed. As long as you’ll raise queries that meet their minimum standards and obtain answers that meet their quality bar, you’ll get paid.

How does one get paid? at once, QUORA is joined with Stripe, and nothing else. You can’t get paid by check or Paypal, Stripe is that the solely choice. You don’t need to meet up an account directly, however once you’ve got attained $5 from your queries, you’ll be the choice to try and do thus. However, you aren’t issued a payment till you’ve racked up a minimum of $10. Once your account reaches $10, you’ll be sent that cash monthly. Well, they’re going to “send it to you inside 60 days” at least.

So that was the information which I gained from my Research . soon I will share more article on this topic and many other topics .


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