Best 20 Small Business Ideas.

As we know during this COVID period, Many of us lost their Jobs and business are in losses.
This is very sad truth and we all are trying to escape from this and want to get back to our previous condition pre COVID era.

Today we will discuss about some of the best small business ideas which you can start in the year 2020 and can earn a good amount of money daily.

We will also try to explain you that how much investment will these Small business would need and also discuss that how much you can earn if your business become successful or from day 1.

1. Paper plate and cup making business

The demand for paper-made cups and plates is increasing gradually as the government has banned everything made of plastic. Which provides a very good opportunity for you, as it is used not only at roadside dhabas and tea shops, but also in various programs and big companies. This is an amazing small business idea that can grow very fast. With the help of which you can earn a good amount.

2. Poultry Business

The business of poultry is growing very fast in today’s time. You can see the poultry farming business in a small scale business, which has the potential to change your life. For this you will need about 1 lakh rupees, after which if you work hard, then this business will grow very fast because the number of non-veg eaters is increasing day by day, Due to which the consumption of chickens is also increasing. Which provides a great chance for you.

3. Clothing Embroidery Business

Nowadays everyone wants to wear nice and beautiful clothes because people want to look attractive by wearing them. Embroidered clothes are especially liked by women. Therefore, embroidery business can be a good option for you. Especially for those talent retarded women who are looking for work. This is a very good option for them. Which can also be done sitting at home.

4. Bread making business

You can start this work from your home also.This is a very good Small Business Idea. Nowadays the number of people eating bread is increasing because the breakfast which is prepared in the shortest time is in the category. So bread making business is a very good option for you. With which you can start with a good drug investment.

5. Bindi making business

This is a small-scale business that can be started with very little investment. It is a good business idea for women. To make a bindi, raw materials like velvet cloth, gum, different kinds of stones like rubies, sapphires, crystals, pearls are needed. If you can buy all these things at a good rate, then with the help of a few people Can start this business.

6. Yoga Classes

If you are a healthy and fit person, then you must have some knowledge about yoga. You can open your yoga class by learning yoga well and earn a good amount from it. Today, Yoga attracts the attention of many people, due to which becoming a Yoga teacher is a new profession. You can also open yoga classes in your home comfortably and in this you need less investment. If you charge just ₹ 300 from each student, then you can earn a good amount in a month.

7. Online Tuition Classes

If you are knowledgeable about any subject, then you can earn a good amount by studying that subject. For this, you have to open online tuition classes. Which you can also open at your home and you will have to do a little advertisement so that people know that you are teaching tuition at this place. If you teach well for 2 hours a day, then you can earn up to 15 to 20 thousand rupees in a month. There are many sari websites from which you can earn money online by studying.

8. YouTube Videos

You can also earn a lot in your spare time through YouTube. For this, first you have to create a channel on YouTube. After which you can put related videos on your channel in the area in which you are expert. Then when your channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, then you can monetize your channel and earn money comfortably. After which advertisements will start coming on your channel and you will get paid for it.

9. Breakfast shop

One more small business Idea is breakfast shop business has become a very good business nowadays and is also becoming famous among people because nowadays people live outside and work in this run of life. So they do not have enough time to make their breakfast along with their work. Because of which he takes his breakfast outside and there are many people who take out breakfast due to being late for their work. So, this business is a very good option for you.
You can open your breakfast shop comfortably within ₹ 10000 and the most important thing about it is that you just have to give a few hours in the morning and you can also earn a lot with the help of it. A very good quote of this is the shop of Pohe.

10. Professional Freelancer

Freelancing means doing something for someone else for whom it pays you. If you have web designing, software development, writing, photo editing, translation etc. or any other talent then you can easily earn money by becoming a professional freelancer. Can. You will find many sites where you can sell your services.

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11. Candle making

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for candles in the market. Nowadays, people use candles for decorations at weddings, parties, festivals etc. In such a situation it becomes a good option for you. You can start a candle making business with very little investment. I have given this small business idea to many of my friend and they are earning good amount from it.

12. Incense stick making

This business is a low investment high return business idea, because incense sticks are used by almost everyone. In such a situation it becomes a good option for you. You can easily learn how to make incense sticks from the internet and start this business with small investment.

13. Decoration business

If you have a creative mind, then this work will be best for you. This is a very new business idea which is becoming very popular nowadays. The special thing about this business is that you do not need to invest much in it. Just by using your mind, you have to do decoration work for whatever your customer is. Decoration work is also very easy to learn. You can easily learn how to do decorations by watching videos from YouTube. Decoration can be of many types of places like home, office, school, etc.

14. Building painting.

People always get their house painted at festivals, weddings. Especially during Diwali almost everyone gets their house painted, which becomes a plus point for your business. For this business, you will just need a few helpers and a little investment, after which you can earn a lot by painting houses and buildings.

15. Embroidery in clothing

Nowadays everyone wants to wear nice and beautiful clothes because people want to look attractive by wearing them. Especially women like embroidered clothes. Therefore, embroidery business can be a good option for you. Especially for those talent retarded women who are looking for work. This is a very good option for them. Which can also be done sitting at home.

16. Jan Aushadhi Kendra

This is a good option for those who have about 130 square feet of land in which they can build their own shop and open Jan Aushadhi Kendra in it. For this, you will need an investment of about 2 to 3 lakh rupees. In such a situation you can apply to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra under the government scheme and start your business with the help of the government.

17. Fish Farming

If you live in a village and you have a small pond then this is a very good option for you. You can do fisheries business because the government is also encouraging people for this and you will also get a loan from the bank for fisheries. So in such a way it becomes a very good option for you.

18. Business of photo copy and book binding

If in your eyes there is a place around which there is an educational institution or a court, court or tehsil, then you can start a business of photo copy and book binding there. If everything is right, then this business can contribute to your earning.

19. Home Canteen

Nowadays people are so busy in their office work that they do not have time to go to their home or anywhere to eat and as the number of office is increasing, the demand for home canteen is also increasing. You can open a home canteen and deliver food for them to their office. With the help of which you can earn a substantial income from your home.

20. Event Management

Event management is also a very good business today. Nowadays almost people continue to organize events on the occasion of wedding, birthday and small occasions. In such a situation, people have to do all the work of the event themselves, due to which they are not able to handle its arrangement well. In such a situation, they find someone who can do management work for them. So this becomes a good opportunity for you. For which you can start a relaxed event management business.
In this, you have to become the event manager and handle the entire arrangement of the event. After which you add your profit on your entire expenses incurred and charge fees from your customer. For this business, you need many people as workers. Those you can hire, which saves you on fees. It is a very good business model which is growing very fast.

So, these were some ideas which we thought you can start and earn money, however there are many more things you can do.
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