24 Facts Interesting About world second richest man: BILL GATES

  1. Bill Gates wanted to become a billionaire by the age of 30, although it is different that he had become a billionaire by the age of 31.
  2. It is said that if Bill Gates had a country of his own, he would have been the 63rd richest country in the world.
  3. According to Bill Gates, no country in the world will remain poor until 2035.
  4. In 1977, Gates was arrested in New Mexico because he was driving a car without a driving license and he also jumped the red light.
  5. Most have been successful human beings such as Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs, none of whom have college degrees.
  6. In 1995, Gates left Harvard University so that he could give his full attention to Microsoft in raising the flame. He was awarded the degree by the same Howard University later on.

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  7. Gates has saved the lives of 600 million people with the help of vaccines and better healthcare.
  8. So far he has donated more than $ 28 billion dollars from his funds.
  9. Gates has a McDonald’s Gold Card which allows him to eat fast food for as much as he wants at McDonald’s.
  10. Bill Gates pays over seven crore for property taxes of his house every year.
  11. Assuming Bill Gates spends Rs 7 crore per day, it will take him about 218 years to spend all his money.
  12. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett signed “Giving Pledge” in 2010. With the promise that they would give half of the property in their lifetime or after death for philanthropy or public welfare.
  13. Steve Jobs once accused Bill Gates of stealing from Apple. So Bill Gates said, “I think we both have a rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke his house so that he stole the TV but found that you are already sitting on TV.
  14. Even though Steve Jobs and Gates were retaliatory, when Steve was dying, Gates wrote him a letter.
  15. Bill Gates once said that he always gives the most lazy person the hardest job. The reason for this is that lazy people find the easiest compliment to do it.
  16. During the TED talk talking about malaria, Gates opened a jar full of mosquitoes in the stage so that the audience could feel that thing better.
  17. Despite having so much money with Gates, they will go to each of their children by giving only 10 million of their property.
  18. He does not know any other language other than English language, which is why he considers it the biggest regret of his life.
  19. Bill Gates’ foundation global health spends more time on how much money the United Nations spends in the World Health Organization.
  20. Bill Gates had grown fond of computer programming since the age of 13 in his childhood. He changed his school’s program codes due to which he was shifted to another class, which mostly had girls.
  21. Due to his interest in programming since childhood, he used to spend a lot of his time in it, so he had to fail for a year in school.
  22. Bill sold his first program at the age of 17. This program was a system with a time table of his school.
  23. Gates has given a lot of his Microsoft share bench and handed over his money to Michael Larsen of Cascade Investment.
  24. Gates earns about $ 114 or more every second.

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